AQUA POLISA symbol of the new marine tourism and leisure industry

Sol Group


Korea is a mountainous country with 70% of the country's land area is forest. Also, it can be called as a marine nation as the country’s three sides are facing the ocean. In line with this, the government plans to expand the marina industry to 10 times its present size by 2020 and at the same time, foster marine value to become a future growth engine.

Although it is a bit late, it is considered as an ambitious plan to make a hub for yachting and cruising in the North East region. in the cruise in the north eastern 'AQUA POLIS' which is a combination of tourism, leisure, culture and high technology is a new concept of tourism and leisure product. It will become a symbol of Korean marine tourism and leisure industry.

In addition, it is expected that the domestic tourism and leisure industry will be revitalized due to the attraction of domestic and overseas tourists. It will contribute to the economic development of not only Goje city but also Busan and Gyeongnam.